Splice Pearls -Joint Supplement – 30 Capsules

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  • For Joint Care & bone healing, sprain & strain
  • Subsides Aches, stiffness and swelling
  • Maintains flexibility & mobility of joints- knees, wrists, legs, back.
  • Boswellia, Rose Hip, Turmeric
  •  30-day pack
  • Results in 2 weeks




Composition: Each Splice pearls contains

Omega 3 fatty acid 300 mg

UC II Collagen        40 mg

Vit.K 2-7(Menaquin Gold) 45 mcg

Hyaluronic Acid 30 mg

Vitamin D3 400 I.U.

Co-enzyme Q 10 50mg

Nutritional Information Approximate Value

Energy 8.00 Kcal

Carbohydrates  0.1gm (Sugar nil)

Protein 0.1 gm

Fat  0.8 gm

With age joint movement becomes stiffer and less flexible because the amount of lubricating fluid inside the joint decreases and the cartilage becomes thinner. Overweight, vigorous exercises & sports may also cause injury to the joint cartilage. A progressive loss of joint cartilage is one of the most common causes of joint pain and disability. Calcium is the most important mineral in bone formation. But, its absorption and optimal use are crucial in bone formation. Vitamin D and vitamin K2 are essential for absorbing calcium and allowing it to be used in the formation of bone.

SPLICE PEARLS is an advanced supplement of Omega 3 enriched with UC-II Collagen, Menaquin Gold (Vitamin K2-7), Hyaluronic acid and Vitamin D3. SPLICE PEARLS  is specifically formulated to improve joint mobility, flexibility, discomfort, and strength.

Why do you need Joint Supplement?


 Progressive loss of joint cartilage leads to pain and disability

Osteoarthritis is characterized by the progressive loss of cartilage, which causes joint pain and disability, especially in older adults. Unfortunately, the treatment options only reduce the symptoms of pain and inflammation, but do not cure the illness.

Age is a risk factor for joint cartilage deterioration   

The joint cartilage starts deteriorating after age 30 Aging modifies the collagen fibril due to the accumulation of glycated protein or lipid. This results in the stiffness of collagen protein, which makes the joint cartilage brittle

High-intensity physical activity increases the risk of joint damage

High-intensity workouts, repetitively lifting or carrying heavy objects, and improper work postures increase the risk of cartilage damage. Sports with continuously high levels of impact may also cause joint injury or degeneration.

Excess body weight may affect joint health                                                                           Overweight people put extra pressure on their weight-bearing joints like knees and hips. Every pound of excess weight exerts about 6 pounds of extra pressure on the knee joints. This may contribute to cartilage damage and cause osteoarthritis.


Joint Health

Omega-3 and UC-II improve cartilage synthesis and prevent cartilage destruction 

UC-II restores joint cartilage by supplying building material for cartilage synthesis. Omega-3 supplementation prevents cartilage destruction by suppressing osteoclasts (bone destructing cells) activity.


Hyaluronic acid and UC-II improve joint mobility and flexibility

Cartilage degeneration restricts flexibility and mobility in the joints. UC-II improves joint flexibility by regenerating cartilage and preventing its destruction. Hyaluronic acid improves joint flexibility and mobility by lubricating and reducing friction in the joints.


Vitamins D3 and K2-7 improve bone and joint strength

Calcium deficiency leads to bone deformation. Vitamin D3 improves absorption of calcium, while vitamin K2-7 ensures optimal utilization of calcium for bone formation. Vitamin K2-7 also restricts calcium deposition in blood vessels.  


(Co Enzyme Q 10)

Coenzyme Q10 is used by cells to produce energy needed for cell growth and maintenance. CO Q10 is also used by the body as an antioxidant. … Some scientist believe that taking Coq10 may increase energy production in cells helping to prevent age related slowdown.

Ubiquinone is likely effective in alternative medicine as an aid in treating coenzyme Q-10 deficiency, or reducing the symptoms of mitochondrial disorders (conditions that affect energy-production in the cells of the body).

Ubiquinone is also possibly effective in preventing migraine headaches, lowering blood pressure, preventing a second heart attack, or slowing the progression of early Parkinson’s disease. Ubiquinone is also possibly effective in improving symptoms in people with congestive heart failure, nerve problems caused by diabetes, Huntington’s disease, muscular dystrophy, or macular degeneration (age-related vision loss).

Ubiquinone has also been used to treat Alzheimer’s disease, high cholesterol, or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (Lou Gehrig’s disease).



Improve your joint health with SPLICE PEARLS, an advanced formula with scientifically researched ingredients that improve strength, flexibility, and mobility of the joints.

UC-II strengthens arthritic joint

UC-II reverses structural changes of an arthritic joint by improving cartilage synthesis and preventing degradation.

Unlike denatured or hydrolyzed collagen, UC-II is a biologically active form of collagen that suppresses the destruction of joint cartilage by its own immune cells.

UC-II is four times as potent as hydrolysed collagen in improving joint health.

Menaquin Gold (VITAMIN K2-7) improves calcium utilization for bone formation

Menaquin Gold, an exceptional form of vitamin K2-7, plays a critical role in the binding calcium to the bones.

Menaquin Gold is the most well researched natural vitamin K2-7. Its exceptional quality has been verified by the government as well as independent agencies.

Menaquin Gold is produced using a superior proprietary extraction technique, which enhances the long-term stability of vitamin K2-7.

Vitamin D3 improves calcium absorption in the bones

SPLICE PEARLS provides 100% recommended dietary intake of vitamin D3.

Vitamin D3 improves joint health by enhancing calcium absorption in the bones.

HYALURONIC ACID: Lubricates the bone joints thus reducing the friction of the joints.

CO-ENZYME Q10: gives strength to the heart and circulatory system.

7 reviews for Splice Pearls -Joint Supplement – 30 Capsules

  1. Vinay

    I had an accident a long back and winters is the time when you feel pain on joints where you had the injury. This is a wonderful option which helps you have less of pain and have a relaxed life. I am using this since almost a month and is happy with the product. Its a nonveg product but most medicines are nonveg so i guess people should not have issue with it.

  2. Mahima

    Amazing results! I do a lot of high intensity work out and it requires strength, activeness and flexibility. Finally found the right supplement which helped me to get back to my active routine and reduced all joint-related discomfort.

  3. Shubhali Shrivastava

    It is amazing for the joint pain, it gives amazing relaxation to the joint and relieves it permanently. Must use if you have pain or any kinr of problems in joint.

  4. nitesh

    Can see the visible result with few days of use.really effective joint pain killer was looking for this from last few month .price is also affordable .overall a good deal

  5. Manish

    This Joint Supplements really helpful in daily life activities. It reduces the chances of getting injuries related to bones joint

  6. vishali

    I am using this product for last 2 yrs .
    I am getting result for my knee joint.
    However , I am not sure whether long use of this supplement product will have any side effect .


    my motherhave problem in kidneys should she take these tablets

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